RAW – Theatrical Release

Monster Pictures is delighted to announce that French director Julia Ducournau’s 2016 Cannes Film Festival, FIRPRESCI Prize-winning debut feature film, RAW, releases in screens across Australia and New Zealand on Thursday 20 April, 2017.


Australia/New Zealand

Dates and Time

20 Apr 17 - 27 Apr 17, Various Times

RAW made its World Premiere in Cannes Critics Week where it won the coveted FIPRESCI Prize, and left audiences aghast with some of the most shocking and powerful on-screen imagery since Gaspar Noe’s IRREVERSIBLE. The atmosphere in the cinema that day was one of the most electric the Monster team had ever witnessed – from the start we could sense a nervous anticipation n the room, and then, from the very first scene, it kicks you in the head with a power that is raw and fierce.RAW is one of the finest directorial debuts in the genre space in a long time, it tells the story of a teenage girl who joins her sister at a prestigious veterinary college, and is forced to partake in a hazing ritual that sees her defying her vegan upbringing by consuming raw rabbit liver. From here she develops an insatiable desire for flesh – of all types, and what we witness is a coming-of-age like no other, an awakening that is carnal and primal and that takes its central character, and its viewing audience, on a journey that is simultaneously harrowing and beautiful. Ducournau has made a something very special here, a gorgeous cinematic exploration of family and cannibalism, a film that’ll seep its way deep into your psyche and resonate long after the closing credits – make no mistake, this is one of the films of the year.




Event Cinemas George Street from April 20th
Dendy Newtown Cinemas from April 20th
Event Cinemas Macquarie Centre from April 20th
Cronulla Cinemas from April 20th


Tower Cinemas Newcastle from April 20th


Cinema Nova from April 20th
Lido Cinemas from April 20th
Sun Theatre from April 20th
Cameo Cinemas from April 20th


Event Cinemas Brisbane Myer Centre from April 20th
Dendy Cinemas Portside from April 20th


BCC Darwin City Cinemas from April 20th


GU Filmhouse Adelaide from April 20th


Dendy Cinemas Canberra from April 20th
Capital 6 Cinemas Manuka from April 20th


The State Cinema from April 20th


Luna Palace Leederville from April 20th



Academy Cinemas from April 20th


Alice Cinematheque from April 20th


The Roxy Cinema from April 20th

 “RAW is a deliciously fevered stew of nightmare fuel that hangs together with a breezily confident sense of superior craft”
– Variety

“RAW is a huge, satisfying surprise. Highly, highly recommended”
– Bloody Disgusting

“A cleverly written, impressively made and incredibly gory tale of one young woman’s awakening to the pleasures of the flesh”
– The Hollywood Reporter

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