MOON DOG Shout-Out!

Monday, 12th November

The MOON DOG crew have thrown out all the rules of brewing, taking the approach ‘you can put pretty much anything into a beer, as long as it’s delicious’. That bravery has paid off brilliantly, resulting in adventurous, innovative beers that are always fun to drink – and which make perfect sense as the Monster Fest drink of choice!No other company could possibly have distilled the taste of BAD BOY BUBBY into a beverage: and yet here Moon Dog are with their deliciously bubbly, vivacious, pale as cling-warp barley champagne “Bad Boy Bubbly”. And that’s just par for the course for Moon Dog: follow that bad boy up with anything from the “Lando Kardashian” Triple IPA to the “Magnificent Mullet Series: Mel Gibson” and you’ve already had the most delicious and adventurous drinking experience of your life.

We’ve been brewing weird and wonderful beers at our craft brewery in Abbotsford since 2011, including the delicious Bad Boy Bubbly Barley Champagne, an ode to the Aussie cult classic. We’re stoked to join Monster Fest as the alcohol sponsor, where our beers can help everyone celebrate the weird and wonderful in cult cinema.”
Josh Uljans
Moon Dog Co-Founder and MD
MoonDog-Shout-2If it wasn’t clear already, Moon Dog is all about bringing fun and excitement back into the art of brewing and beer drinking. And they’ve achieved this in spades: if you have any doubt left, head over to their “Tropical Brewery Bar Paradise” in Abbotsford. Here you’ll have the choice of ten grouse Moon Dog beers (among other tasty delicious drinking options) within a beautiful and relaxed venue that also caters for parties and events.

And festival-goers have plenty to rejoice about, as by presenting their ticket stub or VIP pass they can grab a delicious Beer Can for only $5 throughout the entire fest. Moon Dog will also generously be providing a variety of other exciting beverage options. Basically – even without the stellar lineup of genre gems we’re offering you this year – Monster Fest 2018 is guaranteed to be an event to remember!

Head to their website at: to get yourself salivating at all the delicious beers available. And connect with Moon Dog over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep abreast with every insane new concoction they design!

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