News / 16 March 2023


FOCUS ON THE DEAD is a screening program that launches today through April 2, that accompanies the MAPPING GLOBAL HORROR: AUSTRALIA, JAPAN AND BEYOND conference that commences tomorrow through Saturday.

Headlining the FOCUS OF THE DEAD program is a 45th Anniversary Screening of George A. Romero‘s cinematic and cultural masterpiece DAWN OF THE DEAD this Saturday 18 March (with an encore on March 23), restored in 4K and presented in a painstakingly adapted 3D transformation overseen by producer and longtime Romero collaborator Richard P. Rubinstein.

Other programming includes Romero’s 1968 classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING, Yeon Sang-ho’s TRAIN TO BUSAN and Sidney Salkow’s THE LAST MAN ON EARTH starring Vincent Price.

For full programming visit the ACMI site here.

 in association with Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Pittsburgh present MAPPING GLOBAL HORROR: AUSTRALIA, JAPAN AND BEYOND, a conference dedicated to exploring the horror genre as a historical and contemporary phenomenon from March 17 – 18.

Join world-leading scholars and filmmakers for a two-day conference at ACMI in Melbourne that includes talks, panels and screenings.

Day 1 – Friday 17 March

10–11.30am Women in Horror: Japan, Australia and Beyond

  • Chair: Charles Exley (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (Deakin University)
    • ‘Writing 1000 Women in Horror and the Popular Reception of Alternate Histories’
  • Chika Kinoshita (Kyoto University)
    • ‘The Fetus and the Horror of Motherhood’
  • Charles Exley (University of Pittsburgh)
    • ‘Contextualising the Cinema of Kayoko Asakura’
  • Claire Henry (Flinders University)
    • ‘Surrealist aesthetics in female-directed horror’

11.30am – 12pm Coffee break

  • 12–1.30pm George A. Romero’s Impact on Global Horror
  • Chair: Adam Lowenstein (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Angela Ndalianis (Swinburne University)
    • ‘Zombies, Pandemics, and the Social Imaginary’
  • Adam Lowenstein (University of Pittsburgh)
    • ‘Horror and Aging in Relic and The Amusement Park’
  • Ben Rubin (University of Pittsburgh)
    • Video introduction to George A. Romero Archival Collection (12 mins)
  • Screening of Romero’s Elegy (George A. Romero, 1963, 21 mins)

1.30–2.30pm Lunch

2.30–4pm Folk Horror as Global Horror

  • Chair: Jessica Balanzategui (RMIT) and Allison Craven (James Cook University)
    • ‘The Folk Horror Feeling: Monstrous Modalities and the Critical Occult’
  • Bliss Cua Lim (University of Toronto)
    • ‘Folk horror in an Asian context’
  • Akira Lippit (University of Southern California)
    • ‘Unexpected Correlations in Japanese and Korean Horror’
  • Saige Walton (Univeristy of South Australia)
    • ‘Embodiment in folk horror’

4–6pm Break

6pm In Conversation with Natalie Erika James
(Ticketed separately. To book
 visit the RELIC screening page.)

  • Screening of RELIC (Natalie Erika James, 2020, 89 mins)
    • (Introduction by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Deakin University)
    • Q&A following screening

Day 2 – Saturday 18 March

10–11.30am Roundtable: Streaming Genre and Horror

  • Chair: Andrew Lynch (Swinburne University)
  • Alexa Scarlata (RMIT)
  • Andrew Lynch (Swinburne University)
  • Jess Balanzategui (RMIT)
  • Mark David Ryan (Queensland University of Technology)

11.30am – 12pm Coffee break

12–1.30pm Roundtable: Filmmakers on Horror

  • Chair: Adam Daniel (AFTRS)
  • Kayoko Asakura
  • Natalie Erika James
  • Isabel Peppard
  • Caitlin Koller

1.30–2.30pm Lunch

2.30–3.30pm Roundtable: Horror Exhibition and Festivals

  • Co-chairs: Jessica Balanzategui (RMIT and Angela Ndalianis (Swinburne University)
  • Grant Hardie (Convenor of MonsterFest)
  • Hudson Sowada (Convenor of Fantastic Fest)
  • Lee Gambin (Cinemaniacs)
  • Briony Kidd (Stranger With My Face Horror Film Fest)

4–5.30pm RoundtableMapping Global Horror

  • Co-chairs: Adam Lowenstein (University of Pittsburgh) and Angela Ndalianis (Swinburne University)
  • Akira Lippit (University of Southern California)
  • Chika Kinoshita (Kyoto University)
  • Bliss Lim (University of Toronto)
  • Stacey Abbott (Roehampton University)
  • Kris Woofter (Dawson College, Montreal)

For more details visit the ACMI website