News / 04 December 2020


Get ready to point Bazza toward the bookshelf as the Aussie ocker comedy classic THE ADVENTURES OF BARRY MCKENZIE is headed to Blu-ray courtesy of Umbrella Entertainment with an all-new 4K Restoration as the latest addition to their Ozolitations Classics range.
In this fan-bloody-tastic classic, Australia’s favourite wild colonial boy, Barry McKenzie, journeys to the old country accompanied by his Aunt Edna Everage to take a Captain Cook and further his cultural and intellectual education. Faster than a rat up a drainpipe, Bazza heads for Earls Court to catch up with a bonzer bunch of ex-pat bastards – and from there rampages through London, cracking tubes, parking the tiger, pointing percy, flashing the nasty and handing out knuckle-sandwiches to the unsuspecting Poms – who wouldn’t even know a tram was up ’em ’till the bell rang!

In addition to a new 4K Restoration and Special Features, this release comes housed in a limited run Slipcover (with removable classification sticker).

Special Features
Play feature with or without Dame Edna Introduction
The Adventures of Bazza in Chunderland
Barry McKenzie Ogre or Ocker
-A Conversation with Barry Humphries
“Not Quite Hollywood” Extended Interviews
Beresford & Humphries Short Films:
-La Bain Vorace (Dial P for Plughole)
-It Droppeth as the Gentle Rain
-Film for Guitar & King Size Woman
Barry Humphries in “The Naked Bunyip”
“Guess Who’s Mum’s Got a Whirlpool” Commercials
Beresford & Humphries Aussie Trailer Collection
Stills and Poster Gallery
Theatrical Trailer

You can pre-order now via Umbrella Entertainment’s webstore.