News / 28 August 2020

Ben & Kim’s SHUDDER Picks!

After quietly launching in Australia just over two weeks ago, SHUDDER has been steadily amassing a legion of Aussie followers as the service’s App appears on more and more devices. As the subscriber base continues to grow so does the library of content and therein lies the problem, with so much on offer to watch, what should you watch and what will you watch next?

To help you on your quest of what to watch, we’ve enlisted the aid of MONSTER FEST programmers Ben Hellwig & Kim Taylor with their recommendations of what you should cue up next on SHUDDER

Ben Recommends…

Lars Damoiseaux | Belgium 2019 | 88 Minutes

Klinika Krawczyk, an Eastern Eurpoean health and wellness centre offers liposuction, facelifts and boob jobs at discount prices to Europe’s fat, flat, ugly and cheap. When the ineffectual, awkward Michael brings his big-breasted girlfriend, Allison in for boob reduction (much to the surprise and shock of the Klinika’s doctors, nurses and other patients), they also discover the hospital has been conducting illicit stem cell research and claiming the formula they’ve concocted is a ‘rejuvenation treatment’. What Michael and Allison uncover however, is that the formula has one very nasty side effect. It turns patients into bloodthirsty zombies with a taste for botox and silicone.

I have to be honest, when I first watched the trailer for Lars Damoiseaux’s YUMMY, it didn’t scream ‘watch me’. But I love zombie flicks and love medical horror so I persevered. And I am incredibly glad I did. The film is a gore-splattered hoot! It moves at a cracking pace with the first kill coming before the two-minute mark hits and there is very little downtime between each munch, crunch, hack or slash right up to the end credits. The effects are mostly practical and super splattery, they encompass the full gamut of personal dangly bits. From boobs and butts to schlongs and scrotes, there isn’t a part of the human body that isn’t eviscerated, blender-style. The film also boasts a sick and twisted sense of humour that goes hand–in-severed-hand with the amazing make-up and prosthetic effects. Definitely one to check out!

Kim Recommends…

David Robert Mitchell | United States 2014 | 100 Minutes

A young woman, Jay, is stalked by a malevolent entity after having sex with her new beau. A concept so simple, IT FOLLOWS nails modern horror in a way you never knew you needed.

Buckle up! A movie that opens with a young woman half dressed, being chased out her front door by an invisible entity and ends up a twisted corpse on the beach, definitely has you fist pumping the air and reaching for the popcorn. Now, I’ve personally never been stalked by an evil entity, but as this movie injects you with a solid dose of “WTF” then follows you with unrelenting fear, it’s enough to have any horny teenager running for the nunnery. It’s avoidant of hype and fast-paced scenes. Its use of vast shots combined with claustrophobic movements and an indistinguishable, unpredictable, half-naked enemy makes this movie creepy as fuck. Reminiscent of Tangerine Dream and the late Jóhann Jóhannsson, the ambient, vaporwave style of composer, Disasterpiece, fuses this film together perfectly. Two thumbs up! #saynotosex

With a catalogue boasting exclusive features like HOST, THE BEACH HOUSE and BLOOD QUANTUM, original series CREEPSHOW and CURSED FILMS, the premium horror movie streaming service also offers classics like MANIAC (1980), HELLRAISER and THIRST. Fans of international cinema will also be pleased to hear that SHUDDER carries a huge range of foreign horror including recent releases YUMMY, IMPETIGORE and event the Monster Fest 2017 Golden Monster award-winner COLD HELL.

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