Monster Fest 2019 / 09 October 2019


BEHIND THE SCREEN is a non-ticketed FREE Panel Discussion at FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST PART VIII: MONSTER TAKES MELBOURNE this Sunday October 13th 11am with Australian film practitioners who all work off-scene in a number of fields ranging from film criticism to festival programming. Come along to hear how our incredibly talented panel first found their love of cinema, how they broke into their roles within their respective industry along with some surprise reveals regarding their upcoming literary, programming and home entertainment projects!

Without further ado, here are your panelists…

Emma Westwood is a film writer and commentator who was once arts editor for the Melbourne weekly street mag, Inpress. She has written about cinema and the arts for publications such as The Age, Metro, Screen Education, Empire, Diabolique and Senses of Cinema. She is the author of two books on cinema – Monster Movies (Oldcastle Books, 2008) and The Fly (Auteur Publishing), a monograph on David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake, and she is currently working on another monograph about Jame Whale’s 1935 classic, Bride of Frankenstein, for Electric Dreamhouse in the UK. Emma has recorded DVD commentaries for the likes of Umbrella Entertainment, Indicator, Kino Lorber and Eureka. She also co-hosts the weekly film criticism show Plato’s Cave on 3RRR.
Michael Helms is a long term horror film enthusiast who has been dedicated to documenting horror movies made in Australia over the past three decades. He wrote for Fangoria for 24 years but has also contributed to other international publications including Cinefantastique, Gore Zone, Femme Fatales, Shock Cinema, Shivers, Splatting Image, Sci Fi Teen, and L’Ecran Fantastique. He also created, edited and co-published Australian magazine Fatal Visions of which he’s edited two compilation books published by LedaTape. Locally his writing has appeared in The Age, The Herald-Sun, Cinema Papers, Crimson Celluloid and People Magazine where he was their ‘Weird Film Expert’. Michael has appeared in films including SALT, SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT, BLOODLUST and BRAINDEAD and intends to die as violently and horribly as possible in as many films as possible before he actually dies. He does his own stunts and can wear any sort of prosthetics!
John Harrison is a freelance writer and film historian based in Melbourne, Australia. His previous books include Blood on the Windscreen (an examination of the gory driver education films of the 1950s – 70s), Reel Wild Cinema! (a compendium of his 1990s fanzine) and Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks. Apart from contributing regularly for publications like Weng’s Chop, Monster!, the Diabolique website and the Cinemaniacs Journal, he is currently putting the finishing touches on Wildcat!, a study of the film and television career of child evangelist-turned-actor Marjoe Gortner, which should see publication by the end of 2019. He is also presently co-writing Rollin’ With the Punches, an examination of the film and television career of actress, singer and former Hollywood stuntwoman Marneen Lynne Fields (whom Harrison married in Las Vegas in 2016).
Sally Christie is a writer, critic and educator from Melbourne, Australia. She has written for numerous publications with her research interests focusing on censorship and the occult in cinema and pop culture in education. Sally currently co-hosts Plato’s Cave, a film criticism program and podcast on 3RRR . She has worked local and interstate film festivals and contributed to audio commentaries for Umbrella Entertainment, Eureka and Kino Lorber. Sally is a proud member of Cinemaniacs.

And your host…
Jarret Gahan is a film writer, critic, commentator and award-winning documentarian from Melbourne, Australia. He’s been the editor-in-chief at Cult of Monster since its inception in September of 2016, a podcast host at FakeShemp.Net for the past five years and a filmmaker for almost two decades. Jarret has worked on documentary featurettes and audio commentaries for such local and international labels as Monster Pictures, Umbrella Entertainment, Madman Entertainment, Vestron Video Collectors Series, Kino Lorber, Bounty Films, Platinum Cult Edition, Severin Films, Second Sight Films, Wild Eye Releasing and 88 Films. He’s currently co-producing the second series of the wildly popular web-series VIDEO HOARDERS.

BEHIND THE SCREEN is a non-ticketed FREE Panel Discussion being held at FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST PART VIII: MONSTER TAKES MELBOURNE this Sunday October 13th 11am at Cinema Nova in Cinema 10.

FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST PART VIII: MONSTER TAKES MELBOURNE runs from Thursday October 10th to Friday October 18th at Cinema Nova!


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