News / 02 March 2021

Drills, Thrills & Kills For Melbourne’s DENTAL PLAN!

It’s been a decent stretch between trips to the dentist for horror, the last memorable outing being Brian Yuzna’s THE DENTIST 2 back in the late nineties.

Well Aussie band DENTAL PLAN are here to fill that cavity void with the music video for their new track ‘Hole in Me‘ that will give you roughly four minutes and three seconds worth of reasons to never go back to the dentist ever again…

Directed by Scott Marrinan, the video was shot in a real dentistal surgery in Barwon Heads and features a suitably manic performance by actor/comedian Ben Russell who has most recently been seen in the Netflix series AUNTY DONNA’S BIG OL’ HOUSE OF FUN.

If you’re Melbourne on March 13th, you can catch DENTAL PLAN live at the Tramway Hotel in Fitzroy, more details here.