Monster Fest Presents / 21 July 2017

“…and now the Darkest Day of Horror the World has Ever Known”

It’s with immense disappointment that we have to inform you that the screening materials for the IT STAINS THE SAND RED are being held at customs in Sydney. Subsequently we’ll unable to play the film tomorrow night at the MONSTER FEST TRAVELLING SIDESHOW at GU Film House.

Good news however is in keeping with the Zombie theme and as a tribute to the recently past, legendary filmmaker George A. Romero, we’ll be screening the undisputed 1985 classic, DAY OF THE DEAD.

The Saturday July 22nd 8:45pm session time and ticketing remains the same however refunds will be available for those no longer wishing to attend.

We invite you to join us to celebrate the life, legacy and influence Romero has had on both cinema and our own lives by coming along to DAY OF THE DEAD at GU Film House, dressed as a zombie, in honour of our icon, George A. Romero. Anyone who pays their respects by turning up on the night in costume will be rewarded with a free ticket to see another film at another time courtesy of GU Film House.

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