News / 16 April 2020

Looking Back At The Australian Premiere Of EVE!

In the ‘before time’, prior to social distancing and shutdowns, when cinemas were still operating…just over a month ago, on Thursday the 12th of March to be precise, FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST hosted the Australian Premiere of the psychological thriller EVE at Cinema Nova.

Special Guests for the pre-screening discussion were producers Toby E. Cook & Matthew Cook and composer Toby Dundas (THE TEMPER TRAP).

Now to celebrate the Digital Release of EVE on iTunes & Prime Video, we’re giving you an inside look at the Australian Premiere!
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EVE is a British / Australian psychological-thriller set in London’s iconic Notting Hill, it marks Rory Kindersley’s feature film debut and the debut of Melbourne based production outfit Fablemaze.

Shot by veteran Stanley Kubrick cinematographer, Doug Milsome, Eve takes many stylistic cues from the master filmmaker’s work. Kubrick also inspired the collaboration as UK director Rory Kindersley first met Aussie producer Toby Cook when they were both extras on the set of Kubrick’s final film EYES WIDE SHUT.

EVE follows two actresses in the wake of an audition for the coveted role of ‘Eve’ in a screen adaptation of ‘Paradise Lost’. When the talented and beautiful Alex Beyer (Christine Marzano, BYZANTIUM) is awarded the role, her excitement is quickly tempered by a disturbing home invasion. Unsure of who or what is tormenting her, Alex’s sense of reality starts to spiral out of control threatening her sanity and the lives of those around her.

Rachel Warren, Andrew Lee Potts, Elizabeth Healey, Lex Shrapnel and Jonathan Forbes round out the cast.

EVE is available now to own or rent digitally in Australia and the United States!