DEAD HANDS DIG DEEP at Revelation Perth International Film Festival

The W.A. premiere of Jai Love's disturbing documentary about a reclusive metal musician who reflects on his dark past.


Revelation Perth International Film Festival


10:15 PM

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Edwin Borsheim lives in isolation, save for his guard dogs, on a remote block of land in small town California, his home looking like a set from a horror movie.

Once the front man of legendary metal/death-rock band Kettle Cadaver, rated by some as one of the most extreme bands to see live, Borsheim was known for powerful and unique performances that were often shocking and brutal.

In Dead Hands Dig Deep nineteen-year-old filmmaker Jai Love turns his camera on the singer and through a series of interviews with the performer and his associates, paints a portrait of Borsheim and the demons that drive both his art and his life.