Friday Fright Nights: AAAAAAAAH!

Are we not men? Or are we simply beasts? This is a celluloid primal scream in which the entire cast speak in grunts and gibberish - an anarchic, hilarious, disturbing and touching look at the human condition. Featuring lead actress LUCY HONIGMAN in person, a Skype Q&A with Writer/Director/Star STEVE ORAM (SIGHTSEERS) and a special video intro from co-star Noel Fielding (THE MIGHTY BOOSH)!


Lido Cinemas, Hawthorne



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Steve Oram | UK 2015 | Distributed by Monster Pictures

Alpha Male, Smith, and his Beta, Keith, make a move to take over a local community. They hook up with Restless Female, Denise, igniting a deadly feud in which emotions run high and deep-seated grudges resurface in the tribe.

Starring Melbourne actress Lucy Honigman and a slew of familiar faces from British comedy including Steve Oram, Noel Fielding, Julian Barrett and Alice Lowe – plus rock goddess Toyah Wilcox and music by Robert Fripp!

“You will not stumble across a movie as head scratching and bizarre as Aaaaaaaah!” – Film Thrills

“Aaaaaaaah! is a beautifully crafted piece of work masquerading as an ethnological study made by chimpanzees. Oram has made something truly unique.” – Eye For Film