Monster Fest at SUFF: AAAAAAAAH!

Are we not men? Or are we simply beasts? This is a celluloid primal sceam in which the entire cast speak in grunts and gibberish - an anarchic, hilarious, disturbing and touching look at the human condition.


Factory Theatre, Sydney



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Imagine a Britain populated by depraved beasts that on the surface look like humans but think, act and communicate like monkeys. These days, probably not so hard, right? This is the world of AAAAAAAAH!, the new comedy-horror directed by Steve Oram (Sightseers, The World’s End), that observes a family from South London whose precarious dynamic comes under fire when a pair of menacing strangers arrive from out of town. Barbaric, disturbing and riotously funny, the film is not only a blistering satire about gender and class relations but also a deft examination of loss, displacement and the human condition in 21st century Britain. Starring Australia’s own Lucy Honigman, as well as an all-star cast of British comedians including Toyah Willcox, Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, the film also features a belting score by the seminal guitarist Robert Fripp. Add a quarter cup of Mike Leigh, a shake of Luis Buñuel and a sprinkle Yorgos Lanthimos, beat the living shit out of it with a hammer and you might end up with something that resembles the masterpiece that is AAAAAAAAH!