Monster Fest 2019 / 08 November 2019

Through the Lens of FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST 2019 Melbourne!

With FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST VIII: MONSTER TAKES MELBOURNE wrapped for 2019, let’s take a look back through the lens of official photographer Iesha Corbett at our most successful festival to date at Cinema Nova.

Here are a selection of photos from across the festival below, check out our more extensive gallery on Flickr here!MF2019-Still33 MF2019-Still31 MF2019-Still30 MF2019-Still29 MF2019-Still28 MF2019-Still27 MF2019-Still26 MF2019-Still25 MF2019-Still24 MF2019-Still23 MF2019-Still22 MF2019-Still21 MF2019-Still20 MF2019-Still19 MF2019-Still18 MF2019-Still17 MF2019-Still16 MF2019-Still15 MF2019-Still01
MF2019-Still32MF2019-Still02 MF2019-Still03 MF2019-Still04 MF2019-Still05 MF2019-Still06MF2019-Still08 MF2019-Still09 MF2019-Still12 MF2019-Still13 MF2019-Still14 MF2019-Still11 MF2019-Still10

Check out a more extensive gallery on Flickr here and for don’t forget to our list of our FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST 2019 Award Winners here!

Thank you to all the filmmakers, sponsors, judges, volunteers, audiences and most of all Cinema Nova for our best MONSTER FEST yet, we can’t wait to do it all over again next year!