News / 03 July 2020

Aussie Animates Brand New GOBLIN Music Video!

Late last year, GOBLIN, Italy’s premier prog-rock act fronted by Claudio Simonetti, released their LP ‘The Devil’s Back‘ and now they’ve just unveiled a music video for the title track!

If the style of stop motion animation in the music video looks familiar that’s because it was produced by MONSTER FEST alumni and TRASHARAMA award-winner Alex Machin, an Australian-based artist.

Alex was handpicked by GOBLIN to work on the music video after the band’s drummer Fred Maragoni saw a short of his on Instagram that was in the vein of a Dario Argento film with trademark lighting and fondness for extreme gore. “I didn’t sleep that night I was so excited. When I realised it was actually going to happen, I said to myself, make it count, so I put in a huge amount of effort to get it looking as good as possible. They let me come up with the story and do exactly what I wanted, I felt very lucky” expressed Alex upon this unique opportunity of collaborating with the renowned rock act.

You can check out Alex’s 2019 short film LO-DOGG right here too!

Stay up to date with all  of Alex’s projects over on his Instagram.