News / 10 May 2023


Something is stirring in the waters of Lake Infinity…

Over thirty years since the release of Ollie Martin’s HOUSEBOAT HORROR on video store shelves across Australia, the film continues to amass a following. While not immediately finding success on the video rental market back in June of 1991, its wider awareness was no doubt in part to that of Tony Martin’s ‘Undiscovered Masterpieces of Cinema‘ sketch on The Late Show back in late 1992. Subsequently HOUSEBOAT HORROR was reissued on home video with a sell-thru release by Video Entertainment Corp. and even broadcast late on a Sunday evening in 1994 on Channel 9.
HH-Horror-VHSFrom there forth the film has continued to gain momentum and prosper as a true blue ‘cult classic’, with regular runs on the comedy circuit by Melbourne riff-track duo Cinema Fiasco, a 30th Anniversary Screening at Monster Fest and now a full-fledged upcoming Blu-ray Special Edition by Umbrella Entertainment.
HBH-ExpandedPackShot.fwWhile there’s never not been a fever for the film, right now it seems to be at an all-time high so what better time for the film’s IP holders to gauge interest in a possible remake.

That’s right, the owners of the shot-on-video slasher vessel that is HOUSEBOAT HORROR have put a call out to interested parties who may wish to co-produce, invest or assist in any manner to make a HOUSEBOAT HORROR remake a reality.

Given that Zelia (Louise Siversen), Sam (Craig Alexander), Tracy (Christine Jeston) and possibly Acid Head (Zlatko Kasumovic) survived the original, we’d be psyched for a sequel but honestly we’d be happy with anything HOUSEBOAT HORROR.

If you’re in a position to assist with the production, you can reach out to the HOUSEBOAT HORROR team directly via the following contact form or alternatively you can simply post on your socials your support and use the hashtag #HouseboatHorrorRemake.


Before Tommy Wiseau entered THE ROOM and James Nguyen took flight with BIRDEMIC, Ollie Martin welcomed audiences aboard HOUSEBOAT HORROR. Shot on video, banned in Queensland and distributed with the world’s first ‘Gratuitous Violence & Blood Gush Guarantee‘, HOUSEBOAT HORROR is pure homegrown hilarity and quite possibly the most quotable film in (SOV) cinematic history!

Starring a veritable who’s who of 80s Australian talent including Alan Dale (NEIGHBOURS), Christine Jeston (THE YOUNG DOCTORS), Gavin Wood (COUNTDOWN), Des ‘Animal’ Mckenna (HEY HEY, IT’S SATURDAY) and John Michael ‘Hollywood’ Howson, HOUSEBOAT HORROR also features a slew of knockout song hits by THE UNCANNY X-MEN’s Brian Mannix.

When a music video shoot on the seemingly tranquil Lake Infinity turns into smorgasboard of horror, death and blood-gushing mayhem, it can only mean one thing… ACID HEAD, a horribly scarred axe-wielding maniac with a grudge against interlopers, is loose!

HOUSEBOAT HORROR Blu-ray Available June 21, Pre-order Now