News / 03 November 2022

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Nathan Hill’s Neo-Noir LADY TERROR

Prolific Australian filmmaker Nathan Hill (REVENGE OF THE GWEILO) returns with his tenth feature, LADY TERROR, a homebaked slice of erotically-charged neo-noir that will no doubt satisfy the appetites of folk who crave classics like RED ROCK WEST, AFTER DARK MY SWEET and BASIC INSTINCT.

Ahead of its World Premiere at Monster Fest in Melbourne this December, take a sneak peek at the film with behind-the-scenes featurette

LADY TERROR is a home-baked slice of erotically-charged neo-noir that sees Jake (Hill) meet a mysterious beauty (Phillyda Murphy) and subsequently become entangled in a murder plot.

Featuring a host of recognisable screen talent including Tritia DeViSha (REVENGE OF THE GWEILO), Anthony Cincotta (SHEBORG MASSACRE), Simay Argento (CULT GIRLS) and Leslie Lawrence (THE FACELESS MAN).

LADY TERROR is part of the MONSTER FEST 2022 program in Melbourne with screening date/time and session tickets to be announced in the coming weeks.