News / 17 April 2020

Alex Machin’s Latest Animation LO-DOGG Is The Sickest!

Alex Machin has carved out a name for himself as a purveyor of sick, twisted and truly original stop motion animation. The TRASHARAMA award-winning GUMBY’S NEW TIT had audiences howling with disgust and laughter. Since then he has created stop motion music videos, segments in feature films like FAGS IN THE FAST LANE) and the web-series DRAGON FORCE X but our favourite is his FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST 2019 Official Selection LO-DOGG.

Meet LO-DOGG, a shirtless, foul mouthed loser, living in a housing commission flat. His hobbies include smoking crack, rapping (badly) and annoying his neighbours. Everything changes one night with the arrival of an unexpected visitor. Will our hero face responsibility or continue to wallow in excess?

But enough talk, here it is for you to watch below for a limited time…

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