Monster Fest 2022 / 14 October 2022

MONSTER FEST 2022 First Wave Programming, Artwork & Passes Revealed For Melbourne Dates

Monster Fest returns to Cinema Nova from November 24 to December 4 for MONSTER FEST 2022 with the latest must-see genre and cult cinema programming from around the world along with some key repertory features.

We’re pleased to not only reveal our First Wave of Programming but also this year’s Festival Artwork and the release of our VIP & Multi Film Passes.

Inspired by the art nouveau movement, in particular the film posters of Jean Rollin, this year’s captivating Monster Fest poster art was meticulously designed by illustrator-extraordinaire Lily McDonnell from

From acclaimed genre auteur Ryûhei Kitamura (THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, VERSUS) comes THE PRICE WE PAY with Stephen Dorff (BLADE) & Emile Hirsch (INTO THE WILD) as two criminals on the lam, who upon finding a farmhouse believe to have found solace only to discover something far deadlier than little ole johnny law.
MF-ThePriceYouPayInspired by a true story, filmmaker Karim Ouelhaj‘s confrontational MEGALOMANIAC follows Martha (Eline Schumacher), a woman traumatised by both past and present, who in an effort to keep a grip on sanity turns to the brutal practises of her family.

Nick Blood (EUPHORIA), Emm Wiseman (WINCHESTER) and Paul Kaye (THE TOLL) lead director Oliver Park‘s THE OFFERING, religiously layered and suspense-driven, this supernatural scare-fest pits a family against an ancient demon attempting to destroy them from the inside out.
MF-TheOfferingBearing the honour of being the world’s first Swissploitation film, Johannes Hartmann & Sandro Klopfstein‘s MAD HEIDI sees the titular character (portrayed by Alice Lucy) crusade for freedom against the cruel dictatorship of fascist rule in an epic spectacle of sheer grindhouse glory.

Twisted twins and Monster Fest alumni Jen & Sylvia Soska (AMERICAN MARY) go before and behind the camera with their latest ON THE EDGE, a tale of family man Peter (Aramis Sartorio, PLEASURE) who gets more than he bargained after booking a thirty-six hour session with dominatrix Mistress Santana (Jen Soska).
MF-OnTheEdgeFrom gonzo to gross out to far out, writer/director Alex Phillips delivers on all fronts with ALL JACKED UP AND FULL OF WORMS, that sees Roscoe (Phillip Andre Botello, THE ART OF SELF DEFENCE) & Benny (Trevor Dawkins, EASY) chasing the ultimate high, hallucinogenic worms, and leaving a trial of carnage and debauchery in their wake.

From filmmaker Liam Regan (MY BLOODY BANJO) and producer Lloyd Kaufman (THE TOXIC AVENGER) comes EATING MISS CAMPBELL, where teenage crushes and cannibalism collide in a gut-busting and gore-soaked comedy-horror that pushes just about every boundary ever socially constructed.
MF-EatingMissCampbellWhen the law fails them, two men (Jordan Fraser-Trumble & Damon Hunter) are driven to desperate measures to exact justice in the gripping and morally challenging THE COST, from writer/director Matthew Holmes (THE LEGEND OF BEN HALL).

SUBJECT, the sophomore feature from director Tristan Barr (WATCH THE SUNSET), is a multi-layered fable following Willem (Stephen Phillips) whom on his way to prison is given the chance to serve out his sentence observing a mysterious creature in a close-quartered, isolated facility.
MF-SubjectA game of cat and mouse ensues when two pickpockets (Will Ward-Ambler & Wil King) fleece a psychopath (Albert Goikhman) in writer/director Paddy Jessop‘s crime-thriller EMPTY POCKET.

A cursed artefact in the form of a mask turns otherwise peaceful individuals into weaponised purveyors of homicide in filmmaker Alice Maio Mackay‘s BAD GIRL BOOGEY, a transgressive take on the classic slasher film.
MF-BadGirlBoogeyAustralian film festival luminary Dick Dale makes the leap from short to feature film with his long-awaited and highly anticipated RIBSPREADER. This lovingly crafted and hilarious gonzo gore-fest follows Bryan Burns (Tommy Darwin), whom after his mother’s passing from lung cancer, sets about extinguishing smoking from the world and smokers along with it too.

LADY TERROR, a home-baked slice of erotically-charged neo-noir and tenth feature from prolific Australian filmmaker Nathan Hill (REVENGE OF THE GWEILO), sees Jake (Hill) meet a mysterious beauty (Phillyda Murphy) and subsequently become entangled in a murder plot.
MF-LadyTerrorCult filmmaker Timothy Spanos (NANCY NANCY) helms THE HONEYSUCKLE SISTERS, a twisted black comedy that finds a lost and injured man seek comfort in the kindness of strangers, only his hosts may be anything but kind.

In a one-of-a-kind of Special Event experience, Monster Fest celebrates the 100th Anniversary of F. W. Murnau‘s timeless expressionist horror NOSFERATU with live-score accompaniment by The Narcoleptor, comprised of classical harp virtuosa Mary Doumany and cult thereminist Miles Brown (THE NIGHT TERRORS).

Finally we are thrilled to host a 40th Anniversary Screening of Steve Miner‘s FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 in a 4K Restoration and presented in 3D…ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma.
Festival Guests, Filmmaker Q&As, Final Programming, Screening Dates/Times and Session Tickets to come early-November.


VIP Pass $325
The VIP Pass is valid for 25 sessions including Opening Night, Closing Night and Special Events at Monster Fest from Thursday 24th November to Sunday 4th December 2022. It cannot be used for multiple tickets to the same session or for sessions that run concurrently.

10 Film Pass $150
The 10 Film Pass may be used for any 10 Monster Fest film sessions from Thursday 24th November to Sunday 4th December including Opening Night, Closing Night and Special Events. It cannot be used for multiple tickets to the same session or for sessions that run concurrently.

5 Film Pass $80
The 5 Film Pass may be used for any 5 Monster Fest film sessions from Thursday 24th November 24th to Sunday 4th December including Opening and Closing Night but excluding Special Events. It cannot be used for multiple tickets to the same session or for sessions that run concurrently.