Monster Fest Weekender / 19 June 2023

Festival Trailer Unveiled For MONSTER FEST WEEKENDER 3D

With just over two weeks to go before MONSTER FEST WEEKENDER 3D launches in Melbourne at Cinema Nova from July 7-9, we’re psyched to share with you our Festival Trailer featuring the ‘Mondo Man’ himself and Monster Fest veteran, Mr. Simon Harcourt.

For the very first-time in Monster Fest history, we’ve programmed a festival completely comprised of repertory films, what’s more every one of those features will be presented in 3D, from all-time to unsung classics spanning decades of genre cinema with several films making their Australian big screen debuts, all at MONSTER FEST WEEKENDER 3D.

A huge thank you goes out to our longtime festival sponsors Beserk along with returning sponsors Lexlab & DeadEndDVD, who without their support we wouldn’t be able to make the festival happen.

Festival Dates & Locations

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th of July

Cinema Nova

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of July

Event Cinemas Marion

Event Cinemas Myer Centre

Event Cinemas Innaloo

Event Cinemas George St

Despite having performed strongly at the U.S. box office, the distribution gods did not see fit to release TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D theatrically in Australia, well Monster Fest is here to make amends by presenting this unsung sequel for the first-time on Australian cinema screens and perfectly timed for its 10th Anniversary.

Penned by Todd Farmer (JASON X) and directed by Patrick Lussier (DRIVE ANGRY), MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D is one of the rare remakes that not only stands tall with its predecessor but gives you more of what you wanted the first-time around but now with epic gore and of course in glorious 3D.

In what could arguably be considered to be the last great sequel to 1979’s THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, Monster Fest is pleased to present a 40th Anniversary Screening of Richard Fleischer‘s AMITYVILLE 3-D, along with its heavy practical effects and eye-popping visuals, this installment in the franchise is notable for featuring America’s sweetheart Meg Ryan.

From a haunted house to the HOUSE OF WAX 3D, Monster Fest is proud to present a 70th Anniversary Screening of the first studio-produced 3D colour feature with Vincent Price as the malevolent and memorable Professor Henry Jarrod.

Prepare to meet your maker with Andy Warhol‘s FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN 3D, written and directed by Paul Morrissey, this undisputed classic of cult cinema returns for its 50th Anniversary restored in 4K and presented in 3D.

Lensed by Gerald Feil, the same cinematographer responsible for FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III 3D, 1984 slasher SILENT MADNESS 3D remains somewhat obscure locally as it suffered distribution woes in Australia and ultimately landed direct-to-video in the late-eighties, so its with immense pleasure that Monster Fest present the film for the first-time on Australian cinemas screens, in a 4K restoration and as intended in 3D.

For film info, session time and tickets, visit our MONSTER FEST WEEKENDER 3D site.