News / 22 February 2021

MOMMIE DEAREST To Make Its Global Blu-ray Debut Down Under!

CINEMA CULT will release MOMMIE DEAREST to Blu-ray on March 3rd in a world-first, what’s more they’re loading it up with Special Feature content too!

That’s right, the Blu-ray release will include of 40 minutes of featurettes including: ‘The Revival of Joan‘, ‘Life with Joan‘ and ‘Joan Lives On‘.
KAL5550This is the outrageous and controversial story of legendary movie star Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) and her struggle with the dual roles of fading actress and tormented mother. The public Crawford was strong-willed, glamorous and admirable, but MOMMIE DEAREST reveals the private Crawford, the woman desperate to be a mother, adopting her children when she was single and trying to survive in the devastating movie industry. The rage,the debilitating strain, and the terrifying descent into alcoholism and child abuse are graphically and unforgettably depicted in this film.

MOMMIE DEAREST available on Blu-ray & DVD from March 3rd, pre-order now.