Monster Fest 2017 / 09 November 2017

Guests Announced for THE VIPER’S HEX at MONSTER FEST!

With just under two weeks to go before MONSTER FEST kicks off for another year at Lido Cinemas, we’re pleased to announce our Special Guests for the World Premiere of THE VIPER’S HEX.

Guest-YogiJoining us all the way from Tokyo is actor Yoji Yamada. Having recently worked alongside Jared Leto and Tadanobu Asano on the upcoming Yakuza epic THE OUTSIDER, as well as Yuki Hatayama’s brilliant short SENSE OF SIN, Yoji plays Testuya in THE VIPER’S HEX. Yoji is set to reunite with his Black Forest Films family in 2018 on their next upcoming Japanese/Australian co-production, a Japanese yakuza crime film, THE SHINJUKU FIVE.
Guest-SayaSaya Minami is a Japanese actress based in Mullumbimby in the Bryon Shire. Born and raised in Tokyo, Saya has been living in Australia for nine years. During this time, Saya has acted in several Australian independent feature films including MIDORI IN HAWAII and MONDO YAKUZA as well as countless short films. Saya plays Kiyo in THE VIPER’S HEX.

Kenji Shimada joins us from interstate, where he is currently working with the Brisbane Arts Theatre on their upcoming 2018 production of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, where he will play the lead of Alex. Kenji is a Japanese/Australian actor, who has been acting since 2010 and working with Black Forest films from 2013. Having appeared in award-winning films such UNDER A KALEIDOSCOPE, MONDO YAKUZA & THE PERFECT NONSENSE, Kenji now stars Anchin in THE VIPER’S HEX.

Addison Heath is a writer/director from Melbourne, Australia most known for writing cult hit CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA. Following that, Addison went on to direct the MONSTER FEST award-winners UNDER A KALEIDOSCOPE & MONDO YAKUZA along with the multi-award winning absurdist midnight-comedy THE PERFECT NONSENSE. Addison has partnered up with Jasmine Jakupi to co-direct THE VIPER’S HEX, their Japanese language debut.

Jasmine Jakupi is an award-winning multi-disciplinary filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia. She first hit the big screen with local festival hit, UNDER A KALEIDOSCOPE, a psychedelic thriller that won Best Australian Feature Film at MONSTER FEST 2014. She has since kept busy producing such features as the black & white yakuza revenge film, MONDO YAKUZA (2016) and the 5-day feature fairy tale comedy, THE PERFECT NONSENSE (2016). THE VIPER’S HEX is Jasmine’s latest addition to her filmography which also marks her feature film directorial debut.

Kiyo, a lonely hostess spends her days propositioning men on the cold streets of Tokyo and being beaten by her violent pimp, Tetsuya. One day her luck seems to change when she meets a charming foreigner named Anchin and a romance blossoms but soon everything falls apart when she becomes pregnant. Upon hearing the news Anchin flees Tokyo. With nowhere left to go she turns to The Viper, a scorned spirit that has been with her since birth.

THE VIPER’S HEX World Premiere is at MONSTER FEST on Saturday November 25th 9pm and and you can grab them here!

THE VIPER’S HEX screens with a host of World, Australian and Victorian Premieres at MONSTER FEST 2017,  you can check out the whole line up at our official site right here!