Monster Fest 2017 / 01 December 2017

Let the Memory Live Again…MONSTER FEST 2017 Photos!

With MONSTER FEST 2017 now well and truly wrapped, let’s look back at the four day extravaganza that was, through the lens of our official festival photographers Kim Taylor & Ben Hellwig.

BOAR Opening Night Gala
BOAR writer/director Chris Sun, actor John Jarratt, MONSTER FEST’s Neil Foley and actor Roger Ward.
BOAR actors Roger Ward, Melissa Tkautz, Simone Buchanan & Griffin Walsh.BOAR3 BOAR writer/director Chris Sun with THE LAST HOPE’s writer/director/actor Leigh Ormsby and producer/cinematographer/actor Glenn Ellis.BOAR6 Cameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes, Roger Ward, Mark Hartley & Cherease Kingdon.BOAR5THE SCREAMING MEANIES performing live.BOAR4Josh Collins with MONSTER FEST festival directors Grant Hardie & Neil Foley.BOAR7Simon Harcourt, Nathan Armstrong & Simone Michelle O’Dea.

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THE LAST HOPE producer/stunt coordinator/actor Vlady T, writer/director/actor Leigh Ormsby, producer/cinematographer/actor Glenn Ellis and actor Daniel Reader.
THE LAST HOPE writer/director/actor Leigh Ormsby and producer/cinematographer/actor Glenn Ellis with FATAL VISIONS’ Michael Helms.TARNATION1TARNATION actress Daisy Masterman and writer/director Daniel Armstrong with Q&A host FATAL VISIONS’ Michael Helms.

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VIDEO HOARDERS Pop-Up Installation
MONSTER FEST’s Jarret Gahan with VIDEO HOARDERS series creator and host Rob Taylor.

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THE VIPER’S HEX & LOST GULLY World PremieresVIPERSTHE VIPER’S HEX actors Yoji Yamada, Kenji Shimada, Saya Minami along with writer/director team Addison Heath & Jasmine Jakupi .LOSTGULLYROAD LOST GULLY actors John Brumpton and Adele Perovic along with writer/director Donna McRae and producer Liz Baulch.

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DRAGON FORCE X Q&A & Closing Night Awards
MONSTER FEST’s Neil Foley hosts a Q&A with DRAGON FORCE X practical/makeup effects artist Nick Kocsis, writer/director/actor Stuart Simpson along with actors Tim Wicks, Tommy Hellfire & Christine Catalina Diefenbach.
An attentive audience for the DRAGON FORCE X Q&A.
TARNATIONWINMONSTER FEST’s Neil Foley awards TARNATION writer/director Daniel Armstrong ‘Best Australian Feature’.
TRASHARAMAWINTRASHARAMA 2017 Golden Lomax award-winner SLEAZY PETE writer/director Frank Appache with TRASHARAMA festival director Dick Dale.

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Thank you to all the filmmakers, sponsors, judges, volunteers, audiences and Lido Cinemas for our best MONSTER FEST yet, we can’t wait for next year already. In in the interim, why not consider a trip interstate to one of our many MONSTER FEST TRAVELLING SIDESHOW events across Australia!