News / 24 June 2020

Get A Sneak Peek At Daniel Armstrong’s NOVA STAR!

NOVA STAR, the fifth feature from Australian genre filmmaker Daniel Armstrong (TARNATIONSHEBORG MASSACRE), is now in post-production and while we’ll have to wait until 2021 to see the film, Strongman Pictures are going to give us a sneak peek at a newteaser this FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT!
40382383_10215353014671327_3382656129967325184_oThat’s right, prior to our screening of the Monster Fest award-winner TARNATION this Friday night, we’ll have an exclusive look at this highly anticipated cosmic comedy opus!

Set in an 80s’ retro-future-world, Mack and her robot co-worker Spanners, clean toilets aboard a majestic spaceship, the Nova Queen. When an ancient star fragment is embedded in Mack’s skull by a dying space princess the space-shit hits the space-fan. Mack & Spanners are chased across the galaxy by Kill-Bots, Space Pirates, Bounty Hunters and an evil Space Queen who will use the Star to flush the entire cosmos out of reality through a black hole. Using everything she knows from a life working in sanitation it’s up to Mack to save the star, and save the galaxy!
NOVA STAR features Rebecca Fortuna (Netflix’s ROSTERED ON, ABC’s UTOPIA) in the lead role of space toilet cleaner, turned interstellar adventurer Mack and Mitchell Brotz (BOOMERANG, TARNATION) co-stars as her helpful robot chum, Spanners. The film also reunites the female leads from everyone of Daniel’s previous films: Daisy Masterman (TARNATION and SHEBORG MASSACRE) as Princess Nova, Whitney Duff (SHEBORG MASSACRE) as Space Pirate Rom, Jenna Dwyer (FROM PARTS UNKNOWN: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL) as Space General Zia, Amber Sajben (MURDERDROME) is Princess Aurora and Danae Swinburne (TARNATION, SHEBORG MASSACRE) as Andromeda Hex.

Not only will you get a sneak peek at NOVA STAR this FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT but filmmaker Daniel Armstrong along with Cast & Crew from TARNATION will be present on chat throughout the film, it’ll be like a running text-based commentary that you can participate in!

TARNATION screening this FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT via our Monster Fest Facebook from 9pm (AEST) this Friday 26th June!