News / 09 June 2020


On June 24th, Via Vision Entertainment will release a deluxe collector’s edition of THE OUTER LIMITS: THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL SERIES on Blu-ray, limited to 1500 units and loaded with exclusive extras!
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From the moment Vic Perrin’s omniscient “Control Voice” first proclaimed, “There is nothing wrong with your television set,” on September 16, 1963, THE OUTER LIMITS was destined for greatness. The dazzling, long-beloved series was a daring experiment in “omnibus” TV, trading the speculative fantasies of THE TWILIGHT ZONE for farther-out sci-fi concepts.

Via Vision’s new limited edition collection includes all 49 episodes across 11 discs remastered in stunning HD. Housed in a hardbox and limited to 1500 units, this set is packed full of additional material including a 60-page Illustrated booklet with essays by leading OUTER LIMITS expert and author David J. Schow, exclusive audio and video material, over 40 audio commentaries, actors interviews & more.

Here’s a breakdown of the all the additional content:

  • EXCLUSIVE NEW – Audio commentary on “The Hundred Days of the Dragon” by Tim Lucas (Author & Film Historian)
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW – Audio commentary on “The Architects of Fear” by David J. Schow (Author of “The Outer Limits Companion”)
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW – Audio commentary on “The Man Who Was Never Born” by Craig Beam (Film Historian)
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW – Audio essay “The Unknown Unknown” by David J. Schow on the recently discovered update on the making of “The Forms of Things Unknown”.
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW – “The First Control Voice” – Early Radio Spots by Leslie Stevens.
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW – Season Two original ABC Commercial Spot
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW – Season One & Two Photo Gallery
  • 60 PAGE BOOKLET – Featuring Essays by David J. Schow and Episode Guide
  • Over 40 additional audio commentaries
  • “The Unknown” – Alternative cut of “The Forms of Things Unknown” with Audio Commentary by Film Historian Reba Wissner.
  • “Please Stand By” – Alternative cut of “The Galaxy Being” with Audio Commentary by Film Historian Eric Grayson.
  • TNT INTERVIEWS with Guest Stars Cliff Robertson and Joanna Frank, Writer/Producer Joseph Stefano, Casting Director Meryl O’Loughlin, screenwriter Anthony Lawrence, and David J. Schow.
  • CREATURE FEATURES: 50 years of The Outer Limits with David J Schow.
  • William S. Paley Television Festival – The Outer Limits – Q & A, March 10, 2000
  • “PROJECT UNLIMITED”: Behind the Scenes footage narrated by David J. Schow.
  • DAVID J. SCHOW – Showtime Interview
  • WHAT’S NEW ON ABC? – 1963 Promo with Edie Adams
  • THE OUTER LIMITS PHENOMENON – 1996 documentary segment on the launch of the 90’s remake.
  • PENN & TELLER TNT Host Segments

THE OUTER LIMITS: THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL SERIES is available now to order direct from Via Vision Entertainment and will be available at specialist retailers from June 24th.