Monster Friends / 16 November 2018


RED OCTOPUS started with a simple yet revolutionary idea: letting YOU decide what goes on your shirt, and in the process, brightening up the streets by putting more bold and expressive prints on T-Shirts everywhere.

Red Octopus had humble beginnings operating out of a spare room/garage, but the company has since grown and gone onto to be Brisbane’s finest t-shirt screen printing and design establishment. And it’s easy to see why after viewing their work!

Check out the beautiful MONSTER FEST VII: THE HOMECOMING shirt they put together this year from Juarez Ricci’s magnificent design!
REDOCTOPUS-Shout-3No project is too fantastical, no design too ambitious or too humble. Just send an email to with your dream T-Shirt and they’ll make it happen. With their own skilled graphic designers on hand, and the ability to deliver anywhere across Australia, Red Octopus is all about making things easy on the customer.

So if you want your artistic vision to come true on a batch of shirts, or if you’re a business wanting to make money by increasing brand awareness and fan following, Red Octopus should be your go-to destination. To get in touch, or see for yourself examples of their fantastic artwork, visit their website at or check them out on Facebook and Instagram!