News / 04 October 2022

WOLF Screening w/ Talk by Film Historian Lee Gambin

Cinema Nova & film historian Lee Gambin are collaborating on a new weekly screening series, RETROSELECTIVE, each Friday night.

Launching with the 1994 lycanthrope classic WOLF, the screening will be proceeded with a talk by Gambin on Identity Horror, focusing on personality disorders, transformations, and a crisis of the self.
Director Mike Nichols delivers a sharp and biting take on modern-day lycanthropy. Featuring an introductory talk on the themes and production history on the film by Lee Gambin prior to the feature, here is a rare opportunity to see WOLF on the cinema screen.

Starring Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader and Christopher Plummer, Mike Nichols (THE GRADUATE) directs a romantic horror of a book publisher who has a run-in with a werewolf just as he is struggling in his career. Replete with a signature turn by Nicholson and a surprise box office hit upon release, the history of the film’s production is a tale unto itself.

The RETROSELECTIVE screening series will deliver classic and cult films and act as an enlightening and fun “film school” at the same time! Showcasing movies through a varied lens, they will be preceded by showreels, talks and more.

Curated by film critic and author Lee Gambin, the Friday night line-ups each month will be tailored thematically, and we cannot wait to take you back in time to revisit many movies that are rarely screened in-cinema.

The other two films in RETROSELECTIVE’s Identity Horror October will be THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN (1957, dir. Jack Arnold) and 3 WOMEN (1977, dir.Robert Altman).

Tickets are On Sale Now