News / 26 May 2023

THE TANK Australian Cinema Release, Poster & Trailer Revealed

Ben (Matt Whelan, NARCOS) and his family get more than just a secluded coastal property when his mother passes, they inherit a monster in writer/director Scott Walker‘s THE TANK.

Rialto Distribution will open the film in Australian Cinemas June 15 and here’s your first-look at the Trailer for THE TANK

After inheriting his mother’s abandoned coastal property, Ben (Whelan) and his family accidentally unleash an ancient, long-dormant creature that terrorized the entire region — including his own ancestors — for generations.

THE TANK also stars Luciane Buchanan (Netflix’s THE NIGHT AGENT), Jaya Beach-Robertson (M3GAN) and Mark Mitchinson (EVIL DEAD RISE).

In Australian Cinemas June 15