News / 24 January 2023

All-New RIBSPREADER Teaser Drops

Following its ‘Golden Monster’ win for Best Film at Monster Fest and the ‘Audience Award’ at Adelaide Film Festival, filmmaker Dick Dale has unveiled an all-new Teaser Trailer for his lovingly crafted and hilarious gonzo gore-fest RIBSPREADER.

Australian film festival luminary Dick Dale made the leap from short to feature film with RIBSPREADER, that follows Bryan Burns (Tommy Darwin), whom after his mother’s passing from lung cancer, sets about extinguishing smoking from the world and smokers along with it too.
Ribspreader-AwardPosterDecades after his career as a tobacco advertising icon, Bryan Burns’ life is in ruins. After his mother dies of lung cancer, he is tormented by a talking cigarette on an anti-smoking billboard. He snaps and transforms into the Ribspreader, a killer stalking the city, extinguishing smokers and cutting out their lungs to make his macabre smoking jacket.

Stay tuned for details on future RIBSPREADER screenings