News / 27 April 2020

Check Out The Killer Opening Of Daniel Armstrong’s SHEBORG MASSACRE!

In the lead-up to this week’s FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT, we’re giving you a preview of the opening six (and a half) minutes of Daniel Armstrong‘s SHEBORG MASSACRE!

SHEBORG MASSACRE is an insane Aussie sci-fi/comedy and our FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT screening will have an exclusive introduction from writer/director Daniel Armstrong (TARNATION, MURDERDROME)! What’s more Cast & Crew of the film will be joining us for a chat throughout the film, it’ll be like a running text-based commentary you can participate in!

When an alien fugitive crash (Emma-Louise Wilson) lands into a local puppy farm and begins turning people into mutated robot killing machines with a taste for puppy flesh, Dylan (Whitney Duff), and Eddie (Daisy Masterman), two self-proclaimed political activists, are all that stand between the Earth and total domination. Forced into a ‘dare to be great’ situation that neither are prepared for, the two BFF’s must fight their way past cops, city officials and cybernetic dog butchers in order to destroy the evil Sheborg and save the planet!

In keeping with the MONSTER FEST tradition, we present our online incarnation of FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT in the same fashion as we do in the cinema with pre-show entertainment!

This week’s pre-show includes Charles Ward‘s FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST 2019 award-winner for ‘Best Australian Short’ GHOST TURD, a comedy-horror about a vengeful spirit that haunts an inner city dog park, a spirit that preys upon dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets!

You can comment throughout the presentation and we invite you to chat with old friends and hopefully make some new ones too!

Join us THIS FRIDAY 9PM AEST at our Monster Fest Facebook Page for FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST Presents FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT!