News / 01 February 2024

Doco On Maestro Argento Headed To SHUDDER

Filmmaker Simone Scafidi‘s documentary on Italian maestro of the macabre, DARIO ARGENTO: PANICO, is headed to SHUDDER from Friday.

Within hotel rooms, sheltered from the outside world, Dario Argento created his most acclaimed films. Today, in a hotel room in Rome’s countryside, he is writing his last. This time, however, he is not alone.

Dario Argento wrote his most famous films inside hotels, isolating himself from external reality, chasing his own nightmares. Today, in agreement with his agent, he decides to return to a hotel to conclude his new script and to be interviewed, filmed, followed by a crew that is shooting a film about him.

Inside this structure, a wellness center very far from the cramped places that bind to the master of horror, Argento does not initially feel at ease, struggling to find tranquility both to finish the writing of his film, and to confide in who is interviewing him with. But the demon of cinema, who never abandoned him, followed him up there and will push him, once again, to give himself totally.

Streaming on SHUDDER from February 2