News / 10 September 2021

SHUDDER Originals Headed To Home Entertainment Next Week!

On September 15, Acorn Media will unleash four SHUDDER Originals (& Exclusives) to home entertainment on both Blu-ray & DVD.

Led by incredible casts including Jesse Williams (THE CABIN IN THE WOODS), Jordana Brewster (FAST & FURIOUS), Jay Baruchel (THIS IS THE END), Niamh Wilson (HEMLOCK GROVE) in RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE and Aya Cash (THE BOYS), Josh Ruben (YOU’RE THE WORST), Chris Redd (VAMPIRES VS THE BRONX) in SCARE ME.

What’s more these releases are loaded with Special Features!
During a power outage, two strangers tell scary stories.The more Fred and Fanny commit to their tales, the more the stories come to life in the dark of a Catskills cabin. The horrors of reality manifest when Fred confronts his ultimate fear: Fanny may be the better storyteller.
Special Features
Director & Cinematographer Commentary
Make Cool Sh!t Podcast: Episode 1
Feel the Music, Feel the Light (Music Video)
Q&A with Aya Cash
Q&A with Josh Ruben
BTS Photo Gallery

A haunting horror fairytale set against the backdrop of Mexico’s devastating drug wars, TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID follows a group of orphaned children armed with three magical wishes, running from the ghosts that haunt them and the cartel that murdered their parents. Filmmaker Issa López creates a world that recalls the early films of Guillermo del Toro, imbued with her own gritty urban spin on magical realism to conjure a wholly unique experience that audiences will not soon forget.
Special Features
Director’s Commentary
Deleted Scenes
Casting Sessions
Photo Galleries

Comic book creator Todd Walkley (Jesse Williams), his wife Kathy (Jordana Brewster), assistant Aurora (Niamh Wilson) and best friend, Hard Calibre Comics owner Ezra (Jay Baruchel), embark upon a road trip from Toronto to NYC comic con and bad things start to happen—people start getting killed. It soon becomes clear that a crazed fan is using Todd’s “SLASHERMAN” comic as inspiration for the killings and as the bodies pile up, and Todd’s friends and family become victims themselves, Todd will be forced to take artistic responsibility.
Special Features
Interview with Director Jay Baruchel
More Than Just a Scary Movie
Inside the Making of an Action Scene

On an ordinary suburban street in Buenos Aires, voices are heard from kitchen sinks. Bodies are levitating. Evil is here. It is up to a doctor, her colleague, an ex-cop to get to the bottom of this neighborhood nightmare. Demian Rugna’s must-see TERRIFIED is one of the scariest movies of 2018.

All four SHUDDER Originals will be available on Blu-ray & DVD from September 15.