News / 03 June 2020

THE SHED Headed To Home Entertainment This July!

From producers Mike Mendez (BIG ASS SPIDER!), Cory Neal (HATCHET franchise) and Peter Block (SAW franchise) comes a twisted mix of FRIGHT NIGHT and FRANKENSTEIN with THE SHED.

As an orphan, living with his abusive Grandfather, life sucks for Stan (Jay Jay Warren). But he’s got it better than his best friend Dommer (Cody Kostro) who he regularly has to defend against the school bullies. And now their best friend Roxy (Sofia Happonen), Stan’s secret crush, has fallen in with the cool crowd who harass them daily. But these “monsters” in Stan’s daily world are nothing compared to the monsters of Stan’s nightmare come to life. When Stan finds a murderous creature of the night has taken refuge in his backyard toolshed – and killed his Grandfather – he can’t go to the cops who’ll likely put him in foster care. While Stan tries to battle the demon alone, Dommer thinks it’s the solution to their bully problems, if only they can lure the bullies to the Shed. Will it bond the friends, tear them apart or just get them killed? Sometimes monsters turn regular folks into heroes, and sometimes they just turn them into different monsters.
TheShed-DVDPS.fwTHE SHED is headed to DVD and Digital from July 1st courtesy of Defiant Screen Entertainment!