Monster Fest 2020 / 04 September 2020

Poster & Trailer Unveiled For TOTAL RECALL 4K Restoration!

Get ready for a surprise!

With just less than two months to go before the Australian Premiere of StudioCanal’s 4K Restoration of Paul Verhoeven sci-fi classic TOTAL RECALL at 2020 MONSTER FEST, we’re psyched to share with you both the all-new trailer and poster art for the 30th Anniversary of the film!

And here’s the newly commissioned poster art designed by British illustrator and movie poster artist, Kyle Lambert. Lambert has previously designed the iconic key art for STRANGER THINGS and is renowned in the industry for his distinctive retro style.
Adapted from Philip K. Dick’s short novella, WE CAN REMEMBER IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE, TOTAL RECALL is a truly visionary film ahead of its time. Featuring a career best performance from the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film was restored in 4K from a scan of the original 35mm negative and was made at Technicolor LA in tiff 16 bits format. Colour-grading was supervised by Jérome Bigleur at Hiventy. The restoration crew paid particularly high attention to preserve special effect continuity. One of the earliest films to use computer generated-images, TOTAL RECALL was honoured with the Academy Award for Special Achievement Award for Visual Effects in 1991.

Haunted by recurring dreams of another life on Mars, Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is drawn to Rekall Incorporate to implant virtual vacation memories of Mars, using a special program with the identity of a secret agent. Something goes wrong and the procedure is interrupted. The life of Douglas turns upside down, and he travels to the red planet trying to discover who he is.

TOTAL RECALL 4K Restoration will screen in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide this October as part of 2020 MONSTER FEST: WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE.


ADELAIDE: Event Cinemas Marion – VIP Passes
 Event Cinemas Myer Centre – VIP Passes
MELBOURNE: Cinema Nova – VIP Passes
PERTH: Event Cinemas Innaloo – VIP Passes
SYDNEY: Event Cinemas George Street – VIP Passes

Stay tuned for 2020 MONSTER FEST full programming reveal this September.