News / 25 March 2022

TRASHFEST 2019 Encores In NSW Next Week

Everyone’s favourite ambassador of obscure international cult cinema, Andrew Leavold (THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG), has travelled back in-time, pre-pandemic, to bring his TRASHFEST 2019 back next week (in 2022) to satisfy Sydney-siders starved for strange content.

There are two shows on the cards, one at a top secret location in Annandale on March 30 and a second on the Central Coast at Link and Pin in Woy Woy on March 31.

If you’re keen to attend the Annandale screening, shoot Leavold an email at for details!

Leavold claims that audiences can “expect a riotous assault on the senses…ESPECIALLY taste! I have prepared a veritable Filmic Freak Show for you of absolute favourite moments, personal and Trash Video audiences alike. Expect trailers, music clips, Bollywood-a-go-go, crazed Evangelical horrors, Turkish rip-offs (like the Turkish Star Wars…made with actual stolen George Lucas footage!), Weird Asia and Africa, and a LOT of disco. And bad kung fu. ALWAYS with the bad, atrociously-dubbed kung fu.

In addition to being a filmmaker and author, Leavold was the founder of Australia’s greatest (and largest) cult video emporium, TRASH VIDEO (1995-2010), and with over thirty years of collecting and sharing film oddities around the world, his latest program is guaranteed to be one of the wildest cinematic experiences you’re ever likely to encounter!