Video Hoarders / 08 November 2017

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Join Rob Taylor as he journeys Australia in search of a nostalgic breed of film collectors known as VIDEO HOARDERS, takes a look at their insane collections and basks in the glory of VHS!

VIDEO HOARDERS is a twelve episode web-series that follows series creator & host Rob Taylor as he journeys around Australia tracking down likeminded video tape collectors affectionately dubbed ‘tapeheads’ to check out their collections and “search the wild for that next rare find”. Shot on a combination of high-definition digital and antiquated tape equipment, VIDEO HOARDERS has its own distinct style that while playing to the aesthetic of the program’s content, it maintains a slick presentation.

EPISODE 6 – Fitzroy Film Fair
Rob takes a trip to the Wild West of video hoarding when he enters the Fitzroy Film Fair (now the Melbourne Movie Market) and catches up market organiser Stuart Simpson (DRAGON FORCE X) and collectors Brent Medson, Ben Hellwig, Stephen Fredericks, Nick Zamudio, Hannah Atkinson and Joel Charter for a chat about all things VHS!