Video Hoarders / 11 May 2020

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In this, the season finale of VIDEO HOARDERS, Rob and crew cross the Tennessee border and travel deep into some Kandarian ruins to the home of Alex Lanco, Australia’s biggest EVIL DEAD collector.  Alex has converted his garage into the ultimate EVIL DEAD tribute cellar, including ‘to spec’ fireplace, clock, porch swing, basement steps and a passageway to the evil worlds beyond as detailed in the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Alongside pieces from the actual cabin in the woods, chainsaws, ceremonial daggers, replica broomsticks, and a copy of just about every physical release of the Sam Raimi’s trilogy of terror, lies a broader collection of VHS tapes, movie posters and vintage video store standees. There is literally something for everyone in Alex’s magnificent collection, hell, even Rob finds one of holy grail tapes wedged in-between THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSION and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

VIDEO HOARDERS is an web-series that follows series creator & host Rob Taylor as he journeys around Australia with his crew Jarret & Ben tracking down likeminded video tape collectors affectionately dubbed ‘tape-heads’ to check out their collections and “search the wild for that next rare find”.

Episode 11 wraps Series 2 of VIDEO HOARDERS! Stay tuned though as on May 29th when FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT returns to the Monster Fest Facebook we’ll have news as to a Pre-Order date for VIDEO HOARDERS – The Ultimate Series 1 & 2 DVD Collection!

You can stream all of  VIDEO HOARDERS Series 1 & 2 right here!