Video Hoarders / 06 December 2019

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In our VIDEO HOARDERS Series 2 premiere, Rob and crew venture into the heart of Richmond’s badlands and find themselves at Picture Search Video, one of Australia’s last remaining video libraries. Owner Derek De Vreugt guides our heroes through multiple levels, nooks and crannies of his crumbling movie palace until at last they stumble across a veritable treasure trove of VHS on the very top floor. Tapes on display include the first-gen Roadshow release of NADIA, the Susan George horror film FRIGHT on Thorn EMI and RCA Columbia Picture Hoyts’ LOVER BOY starring Noah Taylor.

VIDEO HOARDERS is an web-series that follows series creator & host Rob Taylor as he journeys around Australia with his crew Jarret & Ben tracking down likeminded video tape collectors affectionately dubbed ‘tape-heads’ to check out their collections and “search the wild for that next rare find”.

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You can also catch up on Series 1 right here!