Video Hoarders / 28 February 2020

VIDEO HOARDERS Series 2 Mid-Season Catch Up!

As VIDEO HOARDERS arrives at the midway mark of Series 2, we thought it a perfect opportunity to give the lads a breather and share with you a breakdown of all episodes aired this season thus far. Get comfortable as you’ve got an hour of VIDEO HOARDERS ahead of you…

EPISODE ONE – Picture Search Video
Rob and crew venture into the heart of Richmond’s badlands and find themselves at Picture Search Video, one of Australia’s last remaining video libraries. Owner Derek De Vreugt guides our heroes through multiple levels, nooks and crannies of his crumbling movie palace until at last they stumble across a veritable treasure trove of VHS on the very top floor. Tapes on display include the first-gen Roadshow release of NADIA, the Susan George horror film FRIGHT on Thorn EMI and RCA Columbia Picture Hoyts’ LOVER BOY starring Noah Taylor.

EPISODE TWO – Brent Medson
Rob and crew hit the slopes of Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs and find themselves in the bungalow of former Mount Martha Video Centre proprietor and devout film collector Brent Medson. Tapes on show include UNDERGROUND TERROR (CBS Fox Video), NEAR DARK (Roadshow Home Video), THE KRAYS (Palace Home Entertainment), RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES (Applause Home Video) and GRIZZLY (RCA Columbia Pictures Hoyts Video).

Rob and the gang voyage across the Yarra and find themselves in one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs to visit Umbrella Entertainment’s production manager and EX Film label director Leon O’Regan. Tapes on show include the completely uncut New Zealand release of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (Mega Zone Home Video), THE BRUTE (Video Classics), DEATH TO THE PEE WEE SQUAD (Taft Video), MURDER LUST (Video Excellence) and loads of ultra-rare Palace Explosive Home Video & Roadshow Home Video promotional items!

Rob and the crew head to the Tullamarine hinterlands to talk to former Space Age Video store owner and Force Video managing director Tony Romeo about THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, David Lynch’s DUNE, Jackie Chan and the golden age of VHS and DVD distribution in Australia!

EPISODE FIVE – Ben Hellwig
Every week Rob and the boys travel far and wide to bring you some of the finest VHS collections in the country, but this week, well, they decided to stay at home! Hanging out in VIDEO HOARDERS producer Ben Hellwig’s home, nestled snugly in Chadstone – our nation’s fashion capital, Rob and Jarret were given a tour of the long-time collector’s impressive library of tapes. Some of the gold on show include SURVIVAL GAME (Palace Home Entertainment), WALDO WARREN PRIVATE DICK WITHOUT A BRAIN (CBS-Fox), CYCLONE (Virgin) and SPERMULA (Video Classics Gold).

Artist, toy collector and nineties horror aficionado CJ Krause invites Rob and the team to explore her phenomenal collection of film and television paraphernalia. From TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES to TWIN PEAKS with a whole heap of THE TOXIC AVENGER in-between, CJ’s collection is astonishing in both depth and breadth of awesomeness! Warning: This episode has been clinically proven to induce excessive eBay spending sprees!

VIDEO HOARDERS Series 2 will return Friday March 13th.