Video Hoarders / 13 May 2022

Stream VIDEO HOARDERS Series 3 Episode 5

In this, the final episode of Series 3 of VIDEO HOARDERS ‘Canadian Style’, Rob travels to the home of Graham Peden and Noel Kennedy, the first Collecting Couple featured on the show. Graham and Noel show off their fortress of tapes and discuss their favourite VHS genres including porno sci-fi, Christmas horror and children’s propaganda films.

Join us as we bounce from BEACH BABES FROM BEYOND (1993) to ANKLE BITERS (2002) to THE BOY WITH GREEN HAIR (1948) to THE MAXX (1995) in all their analog glory.

VIDEO HOARDERS is an web-series that follows series creator & host Rob Taylor as he journeys around Canada tracking down likeminded video tape collectors affectionately dubbed ‘tape-heads’ to check out their collections and “search the wild for that next rare find”.

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