Video Hoarders / 09 June 2022

Stream All Of VIDEO HOARDERS Season 3 Now

You can now stream the third season of VIDEO HOARDERS in all its maple glazed Canadian [VHS] glory via our Monster Fest YouTube channel and to make it easy on you we’ve compiled All 5 Episodes below (well below the trailer for Series 3 that is)…


In this first episode, Rob travels over nine thousand miles to Toronto, Ontario – the big T.O – to surprise Green Jelly drummer Rob Gabriel in a gas station carpark before demanding entry to the musician’s basement,  a treasure chest filled to the brim with the stuff of analog dreams.


Be prepared to OOOOOHHH as the collection of Brett Jansen is revealed, just try to stifle the AAAAAHHHHS of delight emanating from your lips as you realise it’s 5500 tapes strong, then get ready to change underwear as his treasure trove of VHS tapes you’ve only ever read about are brought right before your eyes.


Rob heads to Canada’s Premier Horror & Subculture Event, SHOCK STOCK, and chats to vendors and guests about all things analogue. On display are bizarre video nasties, lost Canadian SOV cheapies and Stallone’s Italian stallion! If that weren’t enough Rob goes thrifting at some of Ontario’s finest Good Will stores in the hopes of finding some filthy…filthy tapes.


Rob Taylor stalks niche tape collector Ben Ruffett in Episode 4 of Series 3 and gets fanboy slime all over his magnificent collection!


In this, the final episode of Series 3 of VIDEO HOARDERS ‘Canadian Style’, Rob travels to the home of Graham Peden and Noel Kennedy, the first Collecting Couple featured on the show. Graham and Noel show off their fortress of tapes and discuss their favourite VHS genres including porno sci-fi, Christmas horror and children’s propaganda films.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also catch all of Series 1 & 2 right here.

VIDEO HOARDERS Series 1 & 2 is Out Now on DVD too.