News / 10 March 2023

RESERVOIR DOGS Rambles To 4K Ultra HD Locally

Via Vision Entertainment will release Quentin Tarantino‘s debut feature RESERVOIR DOGS on May 31 locally to 4K Ultra HD in a Collector’s Edition limited to just 2000 copies worldwide.
ReservoirDogs-4KUHD-ExpandedBoasting both HDR and Dolby Vision on the 4K Ultra HD, this release of RESERVOIR DOGS will also include a Blu-ray component, the original theatrical key art on the slick and be housed in a 3D Lenticular Hard Slipcase along with 6 Collectable Art Cards.

Via Vision have yet to reveal what the Special Feature content will be but it’s safe to say that the 4K Ultra HD disc will likely be a port of the Lionsgate release from the States (with Deleted Scenes, “Playing it Fast and Loose” featurette and “Profiling Res Dogs” featurette) however what Special Features the Blu-ray will have is currently a mystery, here’s hoping it’s loaded like some of ViaVision’s other releases from the Lionsgate catalogue (i.e. DIRTY DANCING, CABIN FEVER & GINGER SNAPS).

Available on 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray May 31