Video Hoarders / 18 June 2020

VIDEO HOARDERS DVD Is DEFINITELY Happening & New Reward Added!

It’s a day shy of two weeks since the VIDEO HOARDERS DVD Pre-Order Campaign launched and the good news is that it’s already reached its target! This means that the Series 1 & 2 Collector’s Edition DVD release is absolutely happening!
VH-116Funded-INSTAHowever never being content with the bare minimum and with 48 days to go before the Pre-Order Campaign wraps, the VIDEO HOARDERS team have announced a Stretch Goal!

This Stretch Goal has been set at $2250, which means they only have to make another $790 to get there and if they do they will produce a Deluxe Slipcover with all-new illustrated artwork to slip over the VIDEO HOARDERS Series 1 & 2 Collector’s Edition DVD!

In order to reach this Stretch Goal, they will be adding a New Reward each week to the Campaign to drive further orders.

Kicking off this week with the ‘Aussie Trailer Bootleg DVD‘, a DVD comprised over an hour of Australian VHS trailers. Captured, compiled and curated from Australian ex-rental tapes. This trailer compile is completely different from the ‘Rob, Jarret & Ben’s Favourite Trailers’ VHS we offered in our Season 2 crowdfunding campaign, this is a new batch of trailers ordered via label i.e. Palace Explosive, CBS Fox, Roadshow Home Video etc!


If this reward doesn’t appeal to you, don’t despair as the VIDEO HOARDERS crew will have other items on offer in the coming weeks leading up to the campaign’s completion date of August 4th.

Get aboard of the VIDEO HOARDERS DVD Pre-Order Campaign now and be the first kid in your street with a copy!