Monster Fest 2016 and The Swinburne University Media and Communication Monster Academy are looking for volunteers!

Monster Fest is a four-day film festival of the frightening, the fantastical, the freaky and the downright weird. And Monster Academy is our two-day industry conference that features panels, workshops and masterclasses leading up to the festival kickoff. Fascinated yet?

In the past Monster Fest has hosted some of the most beloved genre film icons like Exorcist star Linda Blair, the enchanting Elvira, Dee Wallace (The Howling, Cujo, E.T.), Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Butch “Eddie Munster” Patrick, Troma honcho Lloyd Kaufman, twisted twins The Soska Sisters, the Astron-6 collective and more – and this year will be our biggest yet, with director Ted Kotcheff in person (Wake In Fright, First Blood, Weekend at Bernie’s)!

And we need some fresh blood to help bring the most exhilarating weekend of genre films in Melbourne to life.

We have several sinister sub-committees to suit every taste and skillset – from the all-night Cult of Monster Marathon to pre-festival promotion, lobby decorations, sponsor relations, general front of house, ushering roles and more – and all of these roles are absolutely essential to fully flesh out our Monster team.

Monster Fest volunteers are expected to work a minimum of three 8-hour shifts during (or in the leadup to) the festival – and in exchange they get a Monster Fest 2016 T-Shirt and a badge for complimentary admission to any events outside of those work hours – where they get to be on the front lines with all the genre world’s movers and shakers!

So if you have a love of film, fun and are free from November 23-27 (or even the days on either side of that) please fill out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM and our Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Fellows (info@monsterfest.com.au) will be in touch!