News / 24 April 2023

Death From Above! ZOMBIE PLANE Now Shooting In Brisbane

Queensland, beautiful one day, undead the next…

The sunshine state has proven a popular holiday destination for celebrities, the likes of Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey and Russell Crowe but now it’s overrun with the living dead as production has commenced on ZOMBIE PLANE.

Currently shooting at  Screen Queensland Studios in Brisbane, ZOMBIE PLANE stars Aussie reality tv royalty Sophie Monk along with popular nineties rapper come COOL AS ICE star Vanilla Ice.
Set on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles where a virus breaks out, turning the passengers into…you guessed it…ZOMBIES!

Monk & Ice team up to contain the contagion before the US Air Force shoots the plane out of the sky.

ZOMBIE PLANE also stars Ann Truong, Teressa Liane, Joey Vieira, Dan Ewing, Ellie Popov, Brittany Grey, Christine Milo, Ellie Gonsalves, Alex Fleri, Victoria Fleri and Saffron Deacon.

Produced by Jessica Butland and Michael Burkenbine for Radioactive Pictures, with directors Lav Bodnaruk and Michael Mier, from a screenplay by William Strong.

Currently scheduled to land in 2024, stay tuned for more news.