Monster Fest Presents / 17 March 2023

Monster Fest Presents MAD HEIDI Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Monster Fest in collaboration with Umbrella Entertainment unleash an all-new line of releases under the Monster Fest Presents banner, launching with the May 24 release of the MAD HEIDI Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray.

Bearing the honour of being the world’s first Swissploitation film, Johannes Hartmann & Sandro Klopfstein‘s MAD HEIDI takes Johanna Spyri’s beloved children’s book character and transforms her into a merciless heroine of unfathomable retribution, with the titular character (portrayed by Alice Lucy) crusading for freedom against the cruel dictatorship of fascist rule in an epic spectacle of sheer grindhouse glory. Take it from us, this ain’t no Shirley Temple film!

MAD HEIDI had its Australian Premiere at Monster Fest in Melbourne last year to great acclaim then toured Australia on all interstate Monster Fest festival dates.

Exclusive to the Umbrella Entertainment webstore, the Blu-ray Collector’s Edition of MAD HEIDI will feature both a Limited Edition O-Ring Slipcover & Reversible A3 Poster and is available for Pre-order Now.


Audio Commentary with directors Johannes Hartmann & Sandro Klopfstein
Audio Commentary with actors Alice Lucy & Casper Van Dien and directors Johannes Hartmann & Sandro Klopfstein
Making-of Documentary
Stunt Reel
Funding Teaser
Theatrical Trailer
Teaser Trailers


Video – OAR 2.39:1
Audio – DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

A dystopian Switzerland has fallen under the fascist rule of the evil cheese tyrant, President Meili (Casper Van Dien) whose grand plan for global domination includes spreading Swiss cheese around the globe and the eradication of all lactose intolerant scum. Sweet-natured Heidi (Alice Lucy) lives a simple life in the Swiss Alps, protected by her gruff grandfather (David Schofield) but when her boyfriend, Goat Peter (Kel Matsena) is killed by Melli’s secret police, the innocent girl transforms herself into a kick-ass female fighting force who sets out to liberate the country she loves from the insane cheese dictator.

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MAD HEIDI will also receive a standard tradewide Blu-ray & DVD release in June.